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Industrial Metrology

We offer our customers:

The FARO Laser Tracker Xi is a portable, high-precision, 3D Laser measuring instrument, which has become virtually indispensable in mechanical engineering, plant engineering, shipbuilding, automotive, aircraft construction, satellite technology and in many other application areas.

The FARO Laser Tracker has a measuring range of up to 70 m and an accuracy of 0.025mm. This is made possible by two different measurement modes: XtremeADM (Absolute Distance Measurement) and Interferometer. It is easy to operate and can be used in almost all technical areas such as measuring large parts in machine alignment, road construction, plant construction or in the development of production lines.

Additionally, the position of the spherical probe is displayed in real time and in 3D coordinates and processed with special CAD measurement software so as to obtain the best possible results.